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Guided Nature Walks

Nature walks are tailored to your mobility, stamina and preference of location.  Walks are typically short in duration (one to two hours), and can be customised to suit your needs.  Terrain is typically flat and accommodates mobility aides.  

Interpretive Guiding

Our friendly and knowledgable guides provide insights into each location, including:

  • Historical and Prehistorical

  • Cultural (where permission is granted by traditional owners)

  • Flora and Fauna

  • Ecology & Conservation

Garden Picnic Events

Access Guides can arrange permits, organise catering, and provide start to finish service for your next picnic gathering at one of our beautiful outdoor locations.  

Eco Warriors

Access Guides often participate in conservation initiatives and local rejuvenation projects.  Come join us on our next community project and put your green credentials into practice!

Drive Tours

Our small-group minibus tours along the Great Ocean Road are guided by our knowledgeable trainee guides undertaking the Access Guides Jobs Program.  


Click on the images to discover our preferred locations.  These beautiful places are full of history, native plants, birds, and wonderful stories..

AG Guides also conduct conservation and citizen science projects at these and other sites of ecological significance.

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